Kanji Isaac Ishizumi
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    Comments from a Rabbi in Jerusalem

  1. Introduction to Judaism
  2. Difference between Judaism and other religions
  3. Who Jews are?
  4. Jewish Religious Calendars and Annual Events : Jewish Ceremonies
  5. Jewish Prayer
  6. Kashrut
  7. Jewish Laws (except Kashrut)
  8. What is the prohibition of idol worship that is the essence of Judaism?
  9. Judaism and Circumcision
  10. Judaism and Tzedakah (To help the poor)
  11. Concept of G-d in Judaism (Relationship between Jewish and G-d)
  12. Interpreting Hebrew Bible by Kanji Isaac Ishizumi
    石角完爾が読み解く“おもろい”Hebrew Bible
  13. Jewish Daily Life, especialy Shabbat day
    ユダヤ人の日常生活 … 特に安息日について
  14. Jewish in the various cities and countries
  15. Jewish Wisdom of  5000 years
  16. Judaism and Education
  17. Judaism and Moral Law
  18. Judaism and Medical Science
  19. Judaism and Money
  20. Relationship between Men and Women in Judaism
  21. Relationship between Human and Animal in Judaism
  22. Anti-Semitism
  23. Compariative study of Jewish and Japanese
    ユダヤ・日本 比較論
  24. Jewish view on Japanese Business and Business Culture 
  25. Jewish view on Japanese Education
  26. Why and How Kanji Isaac Ishizumi converted to Judaism?
    何故、どのようにして(Why & How)石角完爾はユダヤ教徒になったか?
  27. Publication of Kanji Isaac Ishizumi
  28. Comments from Blog readers
  29. Others
Kanji Ishizumi ( profile in English )
profilephotoI am a barrister and solicitor admitted in Japan. I am also an educational consultant registered at IECA of Washington D.C.

I am a direct decedent of Sekishu Katagiri (1605―1673), the Grand Tea Master of Tokugawa Shogunate. My family founded and owns one of the world renowned bespoke fan makers in Kyoto established in 1881.
Ishizumi fan company is currently situated in USA and in Europe and managed by my wife and sons.

I married the daughter of the Chief of the Strategy Planning Dept. of Imperial Army of Imperial Japan who graduated Imperial Military Staff College (Japanese West Point) Sum Cum Laude.

I graduated Kyoto University Law Department (summa cum laude) and further graduated Harvard Law School(LL.M) and University of Pennsylvania School of Law, Center for the Study of Financial Institutions, specializing Securities laws and Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions (Fellow. LL.M).1979, admitted as a candidate for Doctor of Laws of Harvard Law School. I had a practical training at Securities and Exchange Commission at Washington D.C. and worked as an associate of Mergers and Acquisitions team at Shearman & Sterling, a Wall Street law firm. I became known to Japanese and American business society as the first Japanese lawyer who represented most of the hostile take over attempts against Japanese listed corporations by non-Japanese investors . I was reported in New York Times and Wall Street Journal with my picture when I represented an American investor's attempted acquisition of a Toyota supplier. I became popularly known to Japanese when I represented Michael Jackson for his business project in Japan.

I became a Jew after 5 years study of Judaism. My conversion as well as my wife's, most importantly my circumcision, took place and completed under the authority of Rabbi Henri Noach. ( Jewish thoughts and life attracted me in many ways. Since my conversion, many Japanese publishers wanted me to write books on Jew, Judaism, and Jewish life. In my 40 years of practicing law I have published many books on business laws, but not on Jewish laws and commandments. I have to date published seven books on Judaism including one in Chinese language. I teach Judaism to my students who are interested in knowing "what Jewish way is". My class is using so called socratic method by way of questions and answers. I also speak often on Judaism to Japanese businessmen and businesswomen at seminars or via radio.

My mission, as a Jew having a Japanese passport and native in Japanese, is to correct Japanese bias on Jew by teaching them real and true Judaism, Jewish life, jewish belief and thought, on behalf of my fellow Jews all around the world.

Statutory Auditor on Board of Directors, Heidelberg Japan.Co., Ltd. (1994-2010)

Heidelberg is the world largest printing machine maker of Germany

Statutory Auditor on the Board of Directors, TDK Corporation (1994〜2000), TDK is Japan's largest electric parts maker including Hard Disc Drive Heads

Member: Harvard Club of New York City, Penn Club of Manhattan, New York. Oriental Club of London.

I have published many books as you see in the left hand column of this blog either in Japanese, Korean or Chinese as well as English languages. Most of them are purchasable at or by clicking the book image on the left-hand side column.

 Recently I have published three books in economy: One is Japanese
Government Bond analyzing the risk of Japanese Government Bond being
downgraded substantially: And the other one is “Final Crash”, the
Japanese version of English “The Final Crash” published by my friend in
England. His name is Toby Birch. And my “Final Crash” published in
Japanese language is one of the best sellers in the books of economy and
finance in Japan.

One book is written in English “Japanese Government Bonds on Brink of Default ” from

I was selected as a sacred fire runner for Tokyo Olympic (1964).


I have been a very active member of IECA, Independent Educational
ConsultantAssociation of U.S., headquarters in Washington, D.C. I had
became aprovisional member of IECA about 13 years ago and became a fully
qualifiedmember of IECA thereafter. I visited most of the boarding schools
in the U.S. and many colleges and universities in the U.S. as well as in U.K.
My job is to place talented and gifted young students and pupils of Japan
withthose schools.

HARVARD LAW SCHOOL 4th Reunion in 1996.
Kanji Ishizumi was the center of the first row.

Kanji Ishizumi, a Japanese representative of Harvard Law School Worldwide Alumni Congress visited Vatican with Harvard Law School Dean Clark in the Sala Clementina at Vatican in 1998. Kanji Ishizumi was just behind the Pope.

April 9, 1990/TV Asahi.
”CNN Day watch.” Kanji Ishizumi was appearing.

July 16, 1990/NHK Special.
”500 days' offense and defense between Pickens and Koito.” Kanji
Ishizumi was appearing.


「Kanji Isaac Ishizumi at 35th Alumni Gathering of Harvard Law School, Class of 1977.」

Thank you letter from Harvard Law School